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The age-old Bold & Beautiful story of Taylor and Brooke vying for Ridge’s affection took a major unexpected turn when the women banded together to reject him, but it’s about to swerve again now that several cast members are in Italy filming scenes on-location…

No one, least of all Ridge, could believe it when instead of allowing the fickle Forrester to flip-flop again, Brooke and Taylor united to confront their Achilles heel and tell him that they were done — they were choosing themselves.

Ridge was dispatched to parts unknown to “find himself” and discover what it was that he truly wants in life, and Taylor and Brooke forged an unlikely friendship that was full of giggling and girls’ nights, and even led to speculation that they might fall in love… with each other.

Of course, it was revealed that Ridge never did the soul-searching he so desperately needed as he was installed at the FBI helping in some vague capacity with Bill’s extreme plot to bust Sheila and “put her away for good”. This lack of introspection perhaps helps, in part, to explain what happens in Italy.

After Ridge’s return, the gals made a pact to choose themselves, put their friendship first, and not fall back into old patterns, but it’s proven more difficult for one than the other. It only took about a day before Brooke wound up looking into the dashing designer’s eyes in her living room… while wearing a slinky nightie.

Brooke got back on the bandwagon after that, but has had fewer scenes with Taylor. Still, R.J.’s return (surprisingly) didn’t trigger another round of “get the parents back together” so we had to wonder if the pact might have legs after all.

Well, we can stop pondering that question as — spoiler alert! — leaked footage has revealed that Brooke and Ridge, aka “Bridge”, are getting back together during the Italian remote — or at least they were spied sharing a kiss.

Team Forresters shared a clip on Twitter that has the former couple canoodling on a scenic rooftop or overlook in Rome. A clapback of sorts to the romantic kiss Ridge shared with Taylor in Monaco.

But wait… it may be more than that. Could it be a marriage proposal?!

Fan reaction to the first post was largely negative. Some found the repetitive nature of the reunion boring, others said they see more chemistry between Ridge and Taylor, and others were disappointed because it likely means the end of Brooke’s new dynamic with Tay.

Of course, there are fans who will be thrilled. Deidre Robinson tweeted, “They belong together,” while Twitter user Robby enthused, “And in the summer it gets hot! Who is in any way surprised? Love it!” Another viewer, tongue perhaps firmly in cheek, tweeted, “Awww and their kids are about to hook up too.”

For those who can’t get enough of the Italian remote. See more photos, clips, and teasers from Rome here, and check out Katherine Kelly Lang’s (Brooke) post below in which she shares a very special tour she was able to take during her time overseas!

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