Brooke's stunned bb
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Things between Brooke and Taylor have been all butterflies and roses the past few months on The Bold and the Beautiful but now that Ridge is back and Thomas is back at Forrester — and in Hope’s orbit once again — it was only a matter of time before outside family forces put a wrench in their bestie-status. And next week, viewers will have a front row seat into the drama that begins brewing between the two over their kids…

New spoilers reveal that Thomas will run to his mom to disclose the truth about Hope and Brooke then Taylor will confronted Brooke for holding back about her real feelings regarding Thomas, which in turn will leave Brooke struggling to keep her newfound relationship with Taylor intact. Talk about a familiar throne in both of their sides!

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As for Brooke’s portrayer, Katherine Kelly Lang, she received a special gift over Mother’s Day weekend and shared a photo holding a bouquet of white roses, most likely without the prickly thorns attached, and told all of the moms out there how important it is to “celebrate yourself” on that day and always. “I am so blessed to be a mom to my kids,” Lang expressed. “They are all very special to me and have taught me so much. Also, I am incredibly grateful to have the best mom in the world. Love you, mom, with all my heart!”

So, while things may be heading down a rocky road for Brooke and Taylor once again, life couldn’t be better for Lang and we hope that everyone takes her advice, to celebrate themselves, and to stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

On the heels of Lang’s sweet message to her mom Judith, look through our gallery below to see a photo of the mother/daughter duo, as well as other soap stars and their real-life mothers.