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Credit: CBS,Howard Wise/JPI

Bold & Beautiful fans began to grow excited about the soap’s latest location shoot when the show first announced it would be filming in Italy back in April. Now, we can report that the cast has arrived in Rome and have held their first presser. We’ve got photos and clips galore of your faves overseas… and a few teasers to boot.

The lovely folks at Twittamibeautiful were on the scene for the big day, and shared a fun clip of Matthew Atkinson (Thomas) speaking Italian. It was captioned, “A memorable day! And this greeting from @JMattAtkinson it’s all for you, who are now part of the big #Twittamibeautiful family.”

Twittamibeautiful kept the arrivals coming on social media. Next up, a grinning Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter): “Actor and screenwriter our @LSaintVictor is adorable!!!”

Enjoying the moment, a photo was shared of Scott Clifton’s (Liam) giving a hug.

Atkinson and Clifton, bitter rivals onscreen, were happy to share a tea break together overseas.

Heere’s Jacqueline… MacInnes Wood (Steffy) that is, who is looking just lovely in a floral Dolce & Gabbana dress chosen just for the trip.

Thorsten Kaye made the journey across the ocean and we have to wonder if Ridge will finally get his heart’s desire and reunite with Brooke in one of their favorite spots. More on that later in the story…

Saint-Victor shared a series of photos including press and other cast members all big, Bold & Beautiful smiles in Rome. No word if Saint-Victor was there to go on camera as Carter or working behind the scenes directing — perhaps both!

Katherine Kally Lang (Brooke), aka, “the incredible woman” appears to be answering a serious question in this shot.

Annika Noelle (Hope) was also involved in interviews in Rome. Perhaps she was endeavoring to explain Hope’s unexpected romantic interest in Thomas?!

Want more Noelle? Of course, you do. Here you go.

How ’bout some Noelle and Wood? We can’t get enough of “Hope” and “Steffy” being all smiles togehter in Rome.

Another peek from the presser before we get to the teasers…

In spoilerish content, Lang gave us a preview-y glimpse of Brooke and Ridge in Italy and let’s just say it doesn’t appear that she’ll be keeping up her end of that pact she made with Taylor.

As more significant teasers go, Clifton revealed something pretty juicy in the presser. He told interviewers that while in Italy, Liam learns something that “changes everything for me”.

We can’t help but wonder, with the Hope and Thomas storyline going the direction it has, if Liam is about to catch his wife making an overture to her design partner. If it plays out anything like the time Liam saw Thomas kissing the mannequin, he’ll run off and freak out. Will it be into Steffy’s arms that he flees? Given that the Forrester Creations CEO is there without her husband, Finn, it’s possible we could be in for a knee-jerk plot twist that could, in fact, change everything.

And finally… it begins! Filming that is! Check out this fun shot from Saint-Victor as the storylines in Rome get underway.

Coverage of the Italian remote is ongoing… See leaked footage that may infuriate fans here.

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