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Confession is supposed to be good for the soul, but it’s starting to look as if Bold & Beautiful‘s Hope wants to bare more than her soul to Thomas! So far, she’s been able to keep her borderline inappropriate thoughts about Thomas under wraps, but with the two trapped together in San Francisco — and her opening up about the confusion she’s felt of late — things could soon get very complicated.

It’s an interesting turning of the tables, given that in the past, it was Thomas who found himself unable to get thoughts of Hope out of his mind. Now, he swears that he’s a different man… but can viewers believe what he’s saying? Portrayer Matthew Atkinson insists that Thomas is on the up and up. “He has fully moved on,” the actor told Soap Opera Digest. “He genuinely loves Hope, but he doesn’t think about her in that way. It’s not a romantic love. He cares for her and wants her to be happy.”

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Which means accepting that she is (supposedly) completely devoted to hubby Liam. But then there is the ultimate “what if?” scenario. As in… what if Hope has developed feelings for Thomas? If she were to make the first move, would the new-and-improved designer be able to resist? What does one do when faced with the possibility of all their dreams coming true, even if it seems as impossible as it is inexplicable?

That’s exactly the scenario Thomas finds himself in… and that will continue even after the pair return from their jaunt to San Francisco. According to the latest spoilers — which you can check out for yourself here — indicate that Hope will start the week deciding just how far to take things with Thomas. As for the designer, he’ll be grappling with the seemingly impossible notion that the woman he’s spent so long dreaming of might also be… well, kinda into him!

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Ultimately, what happens (or doesn’t) between Thomas and Hope will have far-reaching consequences. Steffy has already been worried about the connection she noticed between the pair, and that’s led to her spending an awful lot of time with her own ex, Liam. Should Finn be worried about that, given how often Liam and Steffy have been drawn back together? And what about the various parental units — Brooke, Ridge, Taylor and Bill — who might soon find themselves taking sides?

Something tells us that what happens in San Francisco definitely won’t be staying in San Francisco!

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