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Things have been kind of quiet on the Sheila front but this week on The Bold and the Beautiful, the caged up villainess is about to summons another man to her jail cell — this time, it’s her son Finn. The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest previews not only that but the fact that Finn actually shows up!

Even though Jack answered her email by paying his ex-mistress and the mother of his child a visit, Sheila’s portrayer, Kimberlin Brown, revealed that her character will actually be “a little surprised” that Finn made the trip upon her request as well. “She didn’t know if it would work or not,” Brown stated. “But because of the heart issue, you can request to see the attending physician who took care of you.”

Now that we know the angle she uses to get him there, how will Sheila handle Finn when he shows up?

Aside from being pleasantly surprised that her tactic worked, Sheila shares with Finn her hopes that Jack will help get her released from prison. Why does she feel that Jack would lift a finger to help her after everything she has done? “Sheila sees Jack as being on the outside looking in, as well,” Brown explained. “Oftentimes in that position, people do better in pairs. Sheila is hopeful that Jack will at least consider the possibility of helping Sheila based on the fact that they have past history and they have a son together.”

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Past history — one that resulted in a son — or not, that’s still reaching for the stars, even for Sheila. But the fact that Jack showed up to give her the time of day, is scary in itself and stranger things have happened in daytime. In bringing his dad into the mix, Sheila expresses how much she wants to repair the relationship with her son and though Finn is a doctor, the one who saved her life, the fact that he came to see her “speaks volumes.”

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Even though Sheila may see this as a small feat, Steffy surely will not be happy that her monster-in-law is once again trying to prey on her husband’s kindness and ethics as a physician. And if Sheila’s plan works, and Finn does start to let his walls down, even a tiny bit where his bio-mom is concerned, well, that could deliver one heck of a devastating blow to their marriage.

Do you think Sheila will succeed by playing on Finn’s emotions? Share your theories as to how you’d like to see this play out in the comment section.

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