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Katie has made it clear that she wants to see where things go with Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful but Bill doesn’t back down easily and likely won’t give up on his “Katie girl,” which means we may see him lay on more of the Spencer charm in the near future. However, there could be someone else out there who will be a much bigger obstacle for Katie and Carter to overcome as a new couple…

On Tuesday, May 9, news broke that FOX had cancelled its reboot series Fantasy Island after just two seasons, which means former CBS soap actress Kiara Barnes will be freed up should the writers want to revisit Zoe and Carter’s past. For those who don’t recall, Zoe left the canvas in 2021 when the character took off for Paris to work for Forrester International after learning that Carter had been having an affair with Quinn — a woman she considered to be her friend.

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Granted, Carter and Zoe had issues before he took Eric’s wife to bed… Zoe became attracted to Zende while dating Carter and even went so far as to risk their relationship in order to spark one up with Zende. However, when Carter found out, he broke things off, which in turn pushed her to fight for what they had. Even though Carter had forgiven her, he secretly moved on with Quinn, and while trying to win him back, Zoe uncovered the truth — and it was too much to take so she left town for good.

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Since then, and prior to Katie, Carter almost married Zoe’s sister Paris but his love for Quinn ultimately won out in the end — that is, until she suddenly left him and Los Angeles behind.

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Now that he’s fallen head over heels (again!) for Katie, it would be the perfect time to bring Zoe back and shake things up a bit. We’ve seen Bill deceive (with her sister, Brooke, no less!) then fight for Katie before, so the drama that’s needed to really bring the emotion to the table isn’t quite there. And since Carter has a habit of falling in and out of love so easily, well, seeing Zoe again could bring a lot of feelings back front and center — and with Zende still around, heck, the more the merrier thrown in the mix!

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