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No matter how often Bold & Beautiful‘s Bill refers to “his Katie,” she seems pretty determined to stand by her current man, Carter. And while we have absolutely no doubt that Bill will continue to huff and puff and bloviate in an attempt to change her mind, we can’t help hoping that Katie stands firm in her resolve. Sure, we loved “Batie” during their glory days, but once he declared that he would always love her sister, we moved on… and think it’s time for him to do so, too.

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“Do we have to make out right in front of him? Will that make him give up?”

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The question, of course, becomes with whom. In a perfect world, Bill could just clone himself because, let’s face it, there’s nobody he loves more. (And wasn’t it Whitney Houston who said that learning to love yourself was the greatest love of all?) However, a guy who went so far as to have a secret, office-adjacent sex lair built isn’t likely to stay celibate for long. In fact, it was remembering that little factoid that got us thinking Bill should perhaps declare love to be off limits.

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“Stallions have to run free,” the man upon whom Brooke saddled — pun intended — that nickname might decide. Being rich, handsome, powerful and single, Bill would have a pretty easy time finding women willing to pass a little time with him. And determined not to be burned by love again, “a little time” is all they would manage to get from the publisher. Before long, his own tabloids would be filled with reports on his exploits. Sure, he could shut them down — what with being the owner and all — but he loves being L.A.’s most eligible bachelor!

Or so he claims.

But after bumping into Taylor one at Il Giardino, Bill winds up having one whiskey too many and opening up to the World Renowned Psychiatrist about the fact that he’s not having quite as much fun as he’s letting on. In fact, keeping up appearances is, more than anything, kind of exhausting. A few days later, he and Taylor wind up running into one another again at the restaurant, and before long, they’re lunching two or three times a week.

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Should Taylor date Bill, something tells us Thomas’ smile will definitely fade.

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He picks up the tab each time leading her to jokingly ask if they’ve started dating. “Of course not,” he scoffs. “This is cheaper than therapy! And a guy’s gotta eat, right?”

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It’s all fun and games… until one of the tabloids he doesn’t own snaps a pic of Bill and Taylor, splashing it on the front page with a headline suggesting Bill stole rival Ridge’s favorite ex right out from under him. “You’ve got clout,” Taylor tells Bill during their next Il Giardino non-date, “demand they print a retraction! Tell them we’re not involved!”

“Unless,” he says, a gleam in his eye, “we are.”

Thunderstruck, Taylor sits back, a look crossing her face as she ponders his words. “Wait… are we?”

“I think maybe we are,” he says. With a clearly jealous Deacon watching from the bar, Bill leans forward and pulls Taylor into a kiss that makes clear to them what the audience has been seeing for weeks. Just like that, a new power couple is born… and the stage is set for Ridge to have the kind of meltdown that can only be described as “epic.”

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