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In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for May 8 – 12, is Hope lying to everyone else, including herself?. Read on and watch the preview below.

Ever since Thomas came back to work on Hope for the Future, he and Hope have been getting closer. Hope’s even found herself daydreaming and fantasizing about Thomas in a not-so-platonic way! Last week, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him at work, and let him know how proud she was of this new Thomas. Hope even found herself hearing her mother’s voice saying, “There’s no denying the fact I want to be with the wrong man.” As they worked on a new dress, Steffy congratulated them on bringing the line back to life, but couldn’t help but notice how they praised each other’s work. Steffy spied on a private moment between the two as Hope took Thomas’ hands and once again gushed about the beautiful work they do. When Thomas stepped out, Steffy confronted Hope about what is going on.

Coming up, In bed with Liam, Hope tells her husband that she loves him, and to never doubt that. Liam assures her that he doesn’t doubt her.

In the same preview, Steffy confronts Hope and asks her point-blank, “Do you have feelings for Thomas?” Clips of Thomas and Hope holding hands flash, and Hope lashes back at Steffy, “Don’t overreact to a situation you are misunderstanding!” Steffy fires back that she knows what she saw, but Hope insists she loves her husband and not to tell anyone about this.

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