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B&B Breakdown for February 1 – 5.

This week centered on Sandy finding out who raped her, as he was about to do the same thing to Hope, which led to Bridget finally learning the truth about her surrogate.

While I’m happy that mystery has been wrapped up, mostly so we don’t have to listen to Nick and Sandy repeat the same dialogue every day, I could not be more disappointed her rapist turned out to be Graham. First of all, it was way too obvious to make him the culprit. Since it was painfully obvious from the start, why the mystery? The only thing they didn’t do to make us suspect him was a put a “I am a rapist” sign on his forehead. Secondly, Justin Baldoni, who portrayed Graham, is very attractive, a good actor and had chemistry with several characters on the canvas. I was really hoping we might see something develop between him and Steffy, but alas, he’s already gone. Which leads me to my third point of contention, which is his last episode was apparently on the rooftop getting hauled away by Lt. Baker. So, basically there’s no follow up to this story. Are you kidding me? We were introduced to him one minute, he almost raped Hope the next, and then was arrested, never to be seen again. Weak.