Jacqueline MacInnes Wood black dress
Credit: Sean Smith/CBS via Getty Images

Those who follow The Bold and the Beautiful’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) on social media know she loves spending time with her family outdoors and the CBS soap actress recently posted a video to give fans a peek into their latest adventure — Yellowstone-style — and what’s going on with her crew “these dayzzz.” The video began with Wood standing in front of a horse corral before the camera panned to a very little hand holding a chicken egg.

That very little hand could have belonged to her youngest son, Brando, who she’s seen holding in the next clip while petting the horses with one of his older brothers by their side. Wood’s two oldest boys, Rise and Lenix, were spotted next seated at a picnic table enjoying some grub. But that’s not all that happened during their day on the ranch…

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One of her boys enjoyed some riding and her husband, Elan Ruspoli, even made an appearance, holding a chicken while staring off on the range. Wood then showed off her baby bump, while holding a furry friend as well, and as the sun went down, her little cowboys enjoyed the view while standing on the rail of a wooden fence.

If you hadn’t heard, Wood and Ruspoli are expecting their fourth child together and the actress announced the news last month during an appearance on CBS’ The Talk, which you can view below.

And with Wood up for a Daytime Emmy Award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series, for fun, check out our dream picks in such categories as outstanding achievement in pot-stirring, stair sex, pine-cone-related decision-making and more in the photo gallery below.

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