Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2)

While a lot of Bold & Beautiful viewers are going, “Wait, wasn’t Finn’s father introduced as a doctor?” — he wasn’t — we’re focused on an altogether different question: Why on earth would Jack visit babymama Sheila in prison?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the attorney despises the merry murderess. Yes, once upon a time, he was drawn to her, back when now-ex-wife Li was more focused on her career than him, and Sheila had yet to reveal her homicidal tendencies. But why would he go see her in prison now just because she asked him to?

The soap seems to have decided that Sheila 2.0 (3.0?) is the ultimate seductress, a femme fatale that lonely men find irresistible. That only works, though, if said lonely men are idiots who don’t realize that the world is full of single women who have never weaponized bees to kill a dude.

Sheila celebrates BB

“All the bees call me honey.”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

If Bold & Beautiful wants to give Jack a love interest, one is ready and waiting for him; it would just take a tweaking of this story proposal. But if the show wants to give Jack Sheila as a love interest… ? The prospect boggles the mind. It would mean him, basically, saying, “Hey, no big deal that you tanked my marriage! We’ll call it bygones that you shot my daughter-in-law in cold blood. And our son, albeit by accident. And we’ll just pretend that you never tried to kill your mother and Lauren Fenmore, and pushed Brooke off the wagon.”

Were Jack to say all that, we’d have no other option but to conclude that maybe he’s actually made for — and as crazy as — Sheila. And we’ve gotten the impression that Jack is scuzzy and spineless before, sure. But never crazy. What do you think?

Climb the oft-forgotten branches of Sheila’s family tree in the below photo gallery.