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If you watch The Bold and the Beautiful for any length of time, you get to know its patterns. And assuming that you have been watching — or why would you be reading this article? — you are undoubtedly counting down to the next Brooke/Ridge reunion. It is as inevitable as the sun rising in the morning, right?

Ordinarily, a “Bridge” rematch would pack all the punch of a soft breeze, it’s so commonplace. This time, however, Brooke will be breaking her promise to Taylor and sorely testing the friendship that the former enemies have sensibly prioritized. The fallout could be gut-wrenching, emotional, devastating. Or it could throw us all for a loop.

Brooke Ridge B&B

“What? This is how I greet all my pals!”

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Not the Same Old, Same Old

Taylor, having come to see what we’ve been trying to tell her for years — Ridge just isn’t that into you — will shrug off the turn of events and give “Bridge” her blessing. Taylor is happy with where she is in life. And if Brooke wants to risk her heart again by giving it back to Ridge, Taylor will simply wish her well and assure her that she has her back no matter what.

Shocking, right? In years gone by, Brooke and Taylor would have engaged in cake fights and thrown paint at one another. Not now, though. Now that they have bridged the gap that separates foes from friends, they genuinely want what’s best for one another. “Maybe,” Taylor reasons, “Ridge is what’s best for you, Brooke.

“He isn’t for me, though,” she adds. “So I’m happy for you — and I’m happy for me, too. I’m finally free.”

“Honestly, they held out longer than I expected.”

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Consider That Corner Turned

Of course, Ridge and Brooke’s new beginning doesn’t mean the end of Taylor’s journey. Far from it! Without the pull to her ex-husband that has dragged her down for so long, she could embark on the story that we’ve been dying for the show to tell, not only for her but for unlucky-in-love Thomas. (Read it here.)

Bold & Beautiful could also solve a mystery that thus far it hasn’t treated like a mystery: What was Taylor doing all those years that she was away? We’ve been told that she was trying to out-Mother Theresa Mother Theresa. But what we’ve been told she was doing and what she was really doing might be very different. (Here’s how.)

“Must. Not. Obsess. Must. Not… ”

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The Calm Before the Storm

Before Bold & Beautiful sets Brooke and Ridge down their familiar path, they and Taylor will enjoy a moment of peace this Friday, May 5. But even as they celebrate their miraculously blended family, a question mark hangs over their heads: How long can it last? We’ve already seen the signs that Brooke is headed straight back into Ridge’s arms — and it ain’t a long trip!

Review the former and future (?) couple’s torrid history in the below photo album.