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Things have been going swimmingly for Bold & Beautiful’s Steffy Forrester now that Sheila is behind bars and Forrester’s Hope For the Future line is back on track. She even welcomed her half-brother back into the fold. But trouble is never far off when you’re a soap character, and Steffy is about to get an eyeful of something that will leave her with a dilemma and a half.

Mere weeks ago, Steffy’s life was a barrel of stress. Sheila was roaming free and Bill was blackmailing her and Finn. In a shocking twist, it was revealed that Bill’s “love” for Sheila was all a ruse intended to send her away to prison for good. Steffy was beyond relieved to learn that not only was Sheila back behind bars, but that the blackmail threat had been removed forever as Bill cut a deal with the authorities to ensure that her mother Taylor would never be charged for shooting him.
Steffy Finn B&B

Amid that drama, Steffy was also dealing with a situation at work. Hope’s line was struggling without Thomas, who had been banned from the company for interfering in his father’s marriage. Faced with telling Hope that Hope For the Future might have to be cut, it came down to whether or not the women could trust that Thomas had changed enough to allow him to come back to the office.

It was Hope who finally made the decision, despite her husband Liam’s opposition to the idea, that she needed Thomas back on her line. Steffy was convinced and rehired her brother, and the crisis was averted. But almost immediately, another potential problem began to make itself known to viewers.

Seemingly out of the blue, Steffy began grilling Hope about an old conversation between her and Paris in which the blonde confessed that she found Thomas “hot”. Just like that, we were looking a new twist in the face — with Thomas finally over his Hope obsession, she was now harboring fantasies about him.
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It wasn’t long before we started to see Hope dreaming of Thomas while making love to Liam, and a skeptical Liam catching Thomas and Hope in a compromising position. To hit the point home, Liam began paying visits to Steffy to question her about his wife and her brother, and has taken to making vague references to Hope having “reasons” he can’t quite put his finger on to keep Thomas around. Hope, meanwhile, has been tortured by thoughts that she might be like her mother Brooke in that she has a thing for “bad boys”.

Mmhmm. We can see where all of this is headed, and indeed, later this week, Bold & Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy sees something she really wishes she hadn’t.

We’re gonna go ahead and assume that this “something” involves Hope and Thomas at the office, based on a teaser for the following week in SOD, that has Steffy speaking her mind to Hope.

Will Steffy see Hope make a pass at her brother? Will she see Thomas rejecting Hope? Regardless, it’s going to leave Steffy in a very difficult position on two fronts.

First, managing this tricky personal dynamic between Thomas and Hope puts the line, once again, at risk should things go sideways. Steffy put her brother back on Hope For the Future at Hope’s behest after being reassured that the two were in a good place. That could all change if the situation gets messy. As CEO, Steffy will be faced with deciding whether or not to allow the working relationship to continue knowing of the new complications.

Second, Steffy has been bending over backward to reassure Liam that everything is hunky dory where Hope and Thomas are concerned and promising him there is nothing to worry about. Coming to find out that there is, in fact, something of concern going on places her in a terrible position with her ex-husband. Does she keep pretending everything is fine or does she come clean about what she’s seen?
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It’s a double bind that spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e for Steffy. What do you think she will see? What should she do about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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