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In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for May 1 – 5, Katie is eventually going to have to choose. Read on and watch the preview below.

Katie’s had a good thing going with Carter. She doesn’t have to worry about him leaving her for her sister Brooke, nor play pretend house with a psycho like Sheila. However once Bill revealed his love for Sheila was a farce, and he was working with Ridge to put her behind bars for good, he made it known to Katie that he wanted her back. Of course, he has said that a thousand times over at this point, and always seems to let her down.

Last week Bill made it known to Katie once again that he missed Will, he missed her, and he missed their family. However, when he tried to kiss her, she rejected him! She confessed it was because of Carter, who she liked and respected. Bill asked exactly what was going on with her and Carter. She didn’t want to talk about Carter, but instead praised him for being the man she always knew he was, the man who finally put Sheila away for good

Coming up, Bill tells Kate that he wants their life back and that he will not lose her to Carter. Later, Wyatt tells his dad that he sounds pretty convinced he and Katie will get back together. Bill knows he has a battle on his hands.

Elsewhere, Kate confides in Carter that Bill always wants her when he thinks he can’t have her. Carter asks, “And what about you? Do you feel the same way?”

What do you think fans, will Katie stay with Carter, or find her way back to Bill?

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