Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (2), Jesse Grant/JPI

Our ears pricked up this week when The Bold and the Beautiful had Sheila express a certain urgency about checking her email. “What was up with that?” we wondered. Perhaps the message that she was so eager to receive was from her mysterious benefactor?

You’ll recall that when Sheila was pressuring Deacon to let her stay with him while she was “dead,” she told him that money was no object. She could make his wildest dreams come true because she had access to riches galore. But how? Maybe the person with whom she’s been corresponding is the answer.

Sheila B&B

“Money? You bet I’ll drink to that!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The show never explained how Sheila was loaded, and it never revealed whose bank account was hers for the draining. And they are questions that beg — no, demand — to be answered. A plot hole is one thing, but a plot hole the size of a crater is an altogether other one!

Early on, we suspected that Bill was funding Sheila’s reign of terror (and not just because his first name is Dollar). But that obviously wasn’t and isn’t the case, not now that he’s pulled off that whole bonkers sting operation to put the bumblebee killer behind bars.

So who is Sheila’s last remaining hope of being set free? We have some ideas about that, and we’ve put them together in the below photo gallery. Scroll through the pictures of the likely and unlikely suspects and see if you think we’ve identified Sheila’s enigmatic moneybags.