Anybody else find themselves hitting the rewind button while watching the episode of Bold & Beautiful which aired on Thursday, April 27? If so, did you then utter a few obscenities at the casual way with which the soap’s writers seemed to rewrite history?

After three solid days of repetitive dialogue surrounding R.J.’s return, we were thrilled to see other characters take center stage. Until, that is, Katie and Carter went from making love to playing a few rounds of True Confessions… with her asking about his sex life with Quinn!

Carter was reluctant to address the issue, saying with a laugh that “pillow talk with you about Quinn is a lose/lose situation!” But when pressed, the unlucky in love hunk decided to open up… and in doing so, completely rewrote the history we saw play out between himself and Quinn!

“Was it just sex?” asked Katie.

Carter, Quinn oops moment bed B&B

“Wait, is that all we were?”

Credit: CBS screenshot

“Looking back,” he said with a sigh, “it was a bad time for the both of us. Quinn and Eric, they were having issues, and my love life kept blowing up in my face. We felt very unseen, except when we were together.”

Up until that point, there were no lies told in Carter’s narrative. But what came next quickly went from honest to hogwash. “It was the guiltiest I ever felt in my life,” Carter admitted. “But to answer your question, there was a powerful attraction and it made for incredible sex. But in the end, that’s all it was, because she left.”

Yeah, sorry… but that’s not how it played out. Carter and Quinn did, in fact, share a powerful attraction — and a whole lot of great sex — but there was much, much more to the relationship than that. They had long conversations in which they opened their hearts to one another, and their feelings ran deep.

Carter, Quinn intense moment B&B

Sure, they had great sex. But that’s the look of love if ever we saw it!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

What’s particularly disturbing is that this rewrite of their history completely dismisses the many, many fans who were completely invested in the prematurely-axed Carter/Quinn romance. As Cristal Write said on Twitter following the scenes, “Don’t even bring up Quinn if it’s just to diminish what she and Carter had. We have eyes!”

It might make sense if Carter were the type of man to try and save his own ego at the expense of an ex-lover. After all, he was deeply hurt when only weeks after finally getting together with Quinn, she opted to walk out on him. Worse, she claimed to have done so because she could not give him the family he wanted, which made no sense whatsoever given that they’d had numerous conversations about their hopes and dreams for the future.

But Carter has never been that kind of guy. If anything, he’s the first to blame himself when something goes south, whether deserving of said blame or not. Ironically, Katie had kicked off the conversation by suggesting his relationship with Quinn was “so out of character,” leaving us to wonder if she knows the guy as well as she thinks!

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