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For a while, everyone thought Bill had lost his mind and went to the dark side by shacking up with Sheila and defending her at every turn on The Bold and the Beautiful. It wasn’t until the grand scheme of things was revealed, that he had been working with Ridge to bring their enemy down for good, that their families turned to him with their undying gratitude.

Katie, for one, was more than relieved to learn that her former husband and father of her son hadn’t completely lost his mind and did everything he did for the greater good and now Bill wants her back and will stop at nothing to fight for “his Katie.” However, the fact that Katie and Carter have grown close and formed a bond is standing in his way. And though he pled his case to her, in front of Carter, she still hasn’t given him the answer he wants to hear… that she loves him too and wants to be with him once again.

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But a roadblock or two has never stopped Dollar Bill and today he is going to let his sons in on his big plan to win Katie back. In other words, Bill’s going to keep pushing through on his quest…

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His portrayer, Don Diamont, knows a thing or two about pushing through and shared a post to encourage everyone to do the same in life. In this instance, the actor was referring to working out, whether for 20 minutes or 60, he urged, “Bring the intensity,” and suggested to “give it your all” if you’re going to commit to something — and if at first you don’t succeed or “lose steam” then, much like Bill’s doing to win Katie back, “find a way to push through it.”

So, do you think Bill’s efforts will be worth it in the end? Will Katie give Bill yet another chance or will she continue to build a fresh relationship with Carter?

One thing is for sure, Bill has had a lot of practice over the years… Look through our photo gallery below to see Bill as a playboy, a ladies’ man and everything in between.