B&B's John McCook and Daniel McVicar mashup
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It’s been nearly 14 years since we last saw one of The Bold and the Beautiful‘s earliest characters in fashion designer, womanizer and all-around charmer, Clarke Garrison. Though he wasn’t quite mixing it up from day one, Stephanie hired Clarke within the show’s first year to romance daughter Kristen, so she didn’t end up an old maid.

Yeah, Stephanie had definite boundary problems.

Sally, Clarke early days B&B

Played by Daniel McVicar, Clarke bounced around for over 20 years, coming and going, romancing everyone from Kristen and Stephanie, to marrying Sally Spectra (the original, played by the legendary Darlene Conley, of course) and having a child with her! We last saw him back in 2009 working at Jackie M when Stephanie defected over to the rival fashion house. And then… he was gone. As was Jackie M. As is even Stephanie now.

Since then, McVicar’s been enjoying life as a busy actor in Italy — until he turned up on the Bold & Beautiful set with the show’s two remaining original stars, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric)!

And when McCook shared the moment, he couldn’t help but reflect on the show’s golden era of the Spectras versus the Forresters.

“Dan McVicar came to B&B today,” he exclaimed. “Made me miss Bobbie Eakes (Macy) and Darlene Conley in a really big way… Great to see him!!”

“Aaaah,” a thrilled McVicar replied to the post, “John, it was marvelous to see you and Katherine Kelly Lang. Thanks, [supervising producer] Casey Kasprzyk and Bold & Beautiful!”

And it’s clear that the fans miss him, Eakes and Conley too. In between marveling that McVicar hasn’t changed a bit since we last saw him, folks were clamoring for his and Eakes’ return. The late Conley, sadly, won’t be back on our screens, but surely, it’s time for a rival fashion house once again! Macy could pick up in her mom’s footsteps with Clarke leading the design charge.

Yes, there is that little problem with Macy being dead and all… but we have no doubt that can be fixed!  After all, she was taken off life support off-screen — that’s just screaming faked death. What could be more in the vein of Sally Spectra than her once-dead daughter sweeping into town in a dramatic return to revive her mother’s business?

We came so tantalizingly close when Sally’s grand-niece and namesake tried ii (backed, at the time, by Sally and Clarke’s son, C.J.), but that faded all too quickly. Plus, with Lang in the photo, we can’t help but think maybe she could have a new romantic interest for once with Clarke! (At least it would get her away from the Forrester men.)

What do you think? Who else wants Clarke to return… possibly with Macy in tow?

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