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Sean Kanan’s Deacon Sharpe went down a rabbit hole of romance with the notorious Sheila Carter and he still can’t shake that lovin’ feeling, but with his beloved back behind bars, it will soon be time for the reformed con and restaurateur to move on. Perhaps it will be a blast from Bold & Beautiful’s past who catches his attention…

Unless Deacon risks it all to bust Sheila out of prison he’s soon going to need a new love interest… or barring that, a new storyline on Bold & Beautiful.

Many fans have called upon the soap to bring back Deacon’s (now grown) son, Little D/Eric, who would be grown up by now and would provide a goldmine of plot opportunities.

Little D as he’s known, was given the name Eric Forrester III by Amber Moore, who passed him off as her own for a time when her child with Rick Forrester died at birth. The child, whose mother was Amber’s cousin, Becky Moore, eventually landed with his father, Deacon, and Macy, who changed his moniker to Eric Sharpe and nicknamed him Little D. After Macy died, Amber helped Deacon with the boy before he was sent to live with his grandparents, Joe and Tilly Moore.
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When Eric showed up again, it was in Genoa City, where Amber was hooked up with Daniel Romalotti on Young & Restless. The boy had been staying with Amber’s mom, Tawny, and stole her credit card to get himself to GC after being left alone for days. Amber and the 11-year-old hit the road, after which, she placed him in a school back in sunny California.

So, we ask you: With Deacon finally getting his life — and his relationship with Hope — back on track, who better to come and turn it upside-down in the most entertaining of ways than his son? And with him, the woman Dollar Bill once tried to kill, and who came between Liam and Hope when she claimed her unborn child was his (it was Marcus’) — Amber Moore. We can’t think of a pot stirrer we’d like to catch up with more.

As it turns out, Deacon and Amber (or at least their portrayers) crossed paths recently at Young & Restless’ 50th-anniversary shindig, where they were both on hand to celebrate the daytime drama and their roles in its legacy.

Adrienne Frantz, who played Amber on both Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless, took to social media to post a series of photos of the encounter with Kanan, as well as her husband Scott Bailey and Ashley Jones, who played B&B’s Bridget and Y&R’s Megan.

Giving her former co-star “a little Sean Kanan love”, Moore noted, “We have had a history with Amber and Deacon,” and asked her followers, “Who misses this pair?”

Bold & Beautiful fans, of course, responded enthusiastically to the tease of a Deacon/Amber rematch, including one who envisioned the schemer turning up in a gasp-worthy Friday cliffhanger.

Would you like to see Deacon’s past revisited with the return of Amber and Little D/Eric? Let us know your story ideas for them in the comment section.

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