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In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for April 24 – 28, Bill won’t let Katie go. Read on and watch the preview below.

Watching Bill take up with Sheila was hard on his family and loved ones, as they had no idea he was all a ruse to finally put Sheila behind bars. Even Bill’s ex Katie pleaded with him to walk away from Sheila, telling him she would have to keep their son from him to protect him from that monster.

With the truth now out, Bill asked Katie for one last chance and promised he would work as hard as he did to put Sheila away in getting her back. Later, Carter reminded Kate she left Bill for a reason, and she deserves better than Bill, even if it’s not with someone like him. Bill interrupted and let Carter know he was going to fight for Katie, who he believed still loved him. He knew she’d come back to him after he proved to her that she was the only woman in the world for him.

Coming up, in bed, Carter tells Katie that he just doesn’t trust Bill. She asks why they are talking about Bill and pulls him into a kiss.

Meanwhile, Bill tells Liam that he’s sure Katie will come back to him. Liam asks, “What about Carter?” Bill vows to fight for the woman he loves, and he will win!

Who do you want to see Katie with? Carter… Bill… or someone new?

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