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In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for April 24 – 28, Sheila gets another visitor. Read on and watch the preview below.

After months of leaving his family confused that he had taken up with Sheila, Bill was finally able to reveal that he had been secretly working with Ridge to catch Sheila confessing to her crimes on tape so that they could finally put her behind bars for good.

Last week, Sheila had a few visitors in the slammer. Bill and Taylor paid her a visit, and Sheila calls what Bill did to her deplorable and assumed the psychiatrist in Taylor would agree. Instead, Taylor let Sheila know that her name would never be mentioned again, and the memory of her erased from her family. Later Deacon dropped by to see Sheila, telling her how sorry he was for his part in everything, and that Bill and Ridge left him no choice as he would have been sent back to jail with her. Sheila didn’t blame him, and was happy he was free to live his life.

In a preview featured on CBS’ The Talk, Next week it’s Steffy’s turn to visit Sheila. Still playing the victim, Sheila vents, “What if you found out Finn never really loved you! That your whole life was just a scam.”  Steffy puts Sheila on notice and responds, “First of all, that would never happen. There is no reason to scam me because I’m not a sociopathic killer.” She continues to taunt Sheila and tells her that secondly, hell will freeze over before she feels an ounce of sympathy for her, and she’s getting everything she deserves!

Is this really it for Sheila? Will she really spend the rest of her life behind bars? Or will she escape to get her revenge?

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