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Bold & Beautiful is about to get younger and more restless with the Friday, April 21, reintroduction of Brooke and Ridge’s son, RJ, now played by Joshua Hoffman. And although behind the scenes everything has been awesome to the nth for the newcomer, on screen… Well, let’s just say that that may be a whole other matter.

When spoke with Hoffman at the show’s celebration of it’s 9,000th episode, he said that the vets had been “super kind.” One in particular was even instrumental in his being cast: Thorsten Kaye, aka Ridge. “During the casting process, we were doing chemistry reads, and he didn’t even introduce himself to me. He just pulled me aside and said, ‘We’re gonna go run sides.’

“I loved that,” Hoffman added, “because that’s kind of how I like to meet people. Just dive in! He offered me some advice, said, ‘They’ll like it if you do this.’ And he was 100 percent right!”

In some ways, the role of RJ fits Hoffman like the proverbial glove. “Like me, he tries to avoid drama and conflict, and he likes to go to the gym. He loves his family.”

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Hoffman’s gym time would appear to have been well spent.

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In other ways, the two of them couldn’t be more unlike one another. “He’s different from me in that he’s an influencer, so he’s in the limelight all the time and wants to take pictures of himself. Me? My manager’s calling to say, ‘You haven’t posted in 800 weeks. Are you dead?’” Hoffman said with a laugh. “That’s who I am as a human being.”

Already, the newbie has taped a favorite scene. And though he wouldn’t say exactly what it entailed, “I will say it had to do with Ridge and the two of them not seeing things eye-to-eye!” Maybe Dad isn’t as keen as RJ about being all over social media? Or perhaps RJ doesn’t share brother Thomas’ interest in following in their father’s footsteps as a designer? TBD.

Ahead of Hoffman’s debut, review RJ’s bonkers history in the photo gallery below. For a young dude, he’s lived one wild life!