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Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Earlier this month,’s very own Charlie Mason sparked an idea surrounding The Bold and the Beautiful’s Taylor and after tapping his thoughts out on the keyboard, well, a new fun storyline was born — a “storyline twist” that the character’s portrayer Krista Allen would love to see play out.

“I love it!” Allen tweeted in response. “This would be so fun!”

The plot took form as a way to explain exactly what Taylor has been up to all of these years and why she never returned during some very important times in her family’s lives. What if Taylor is a recovering alcoholic who while “on the bender of all benders” had numerous one-night stands, including one with a man named Derek?

What if Derek had fallen for — or become obsessed with — Taylor and were to suddenly show up in Los Angeles? Not only would Taylor be forced to reveal her past secret life to her family, as well as the fact that she had gone by an alias, but Derek’s profession could dangerously come into play along the way.

“I don’t think Saint Taylor would have done that,” stated fan Shelley. “But who knows it’s a wild world so maybe?” And while others were all for it, Dominique wasn’t really onboard with the story but shared, “I’m all for seeing more of you, more of Taylor with the amazing story that you deserve. There’s so much potential.”

Intrigued? Get a more detailed peek into this “storyline twist” and let us know if you, like Allen, would like to see it play out.

And though, in this scenario, she may not have felt toward Derek as he did toward her, look back at Taylor’s life and loves in our photo gallery below.