B&B's Ridge, Brooke, Ridge Jr (RJ) Thomas and Steffy mashup
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What’s in a name? On The Bold and the Beautiful, just about everything. There are, for instance, the Forresters, the Logans and the Spencers. And though the three families are intertwined, they far too often devolve into warring camps based solely on those names. Then there are folks like Steffy, named in honor of her grandmother Stephanie and possessing the same iron will, business acumen and determination that the family matriarch once had.

And now, of course, we have Ridge Jr.

Once known as RJ, Ridge and Brooke’s son is heading back to Los Angeles all grown up and now fully embracing the name given to him in honor of his father. The question is: What does that mean for Ridge Sr.?

Brooke Ridge B&B

“Cheers to having our boy back!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

There’s virtually no doubt that Ridge Jr., like everyone else in the family, will be trying his hand at Forrester Creations. It’s in his blood. Well, kind of, seeing as how Ridge isn’t a true Forrester. But close enough! Steffy’s followed suit, as has Thomas. In fact, if anything, it’s Ridgefamily that’s destined to rule over the company. None of Eric’s actual kids have much to do with it these days, other than working at satellite locations.

But just because his family is destined to run things, doesn’t mean Ridge himself is. The company got on just fine without him as he was off playing FBI, trying to take Sheila down. Then there’s Brooke and Taylor. They’ve both declared they want nothing more to do with them, and right now, there aren’t really any romantic prospects on the horizon for him. Even Ridge’s family have trudged along without him. Heck, Thomas is back to behaving again. (Which probably means he’s due for a meltdown any day.)

In short, though, Ridge’s ties have been cut pretty cleanly off. And now his son’s back, claiming his dad’s name, likely itching to make a splash at Forrester and making folks wonder: Do we really need two Ridges? And that’s making us worried for Ridge Sr.’s future. It’s a tale as old as time — the son returns to supplant his father.

Ridge group B&B

Ridge announced that since everyone was being mean and paying more attention to Ridge Jr. than him, he was packing up his toys and running away.

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Bold & Beautiful has just spent months showing us why we don’t need Ridge.  (No, him in that van doesn’t count. That’s what the actual FBI is for.) And on Friday, April 21, it will give us an entirely new Ridge.

Like his dad, this one could clash with his siblings over who gets to run Forrester — or get along with them fine and decide to run it together! But perhaps the greatest thing the former RJ has going for him is not having the senior Ridge’s baggage. He hasn’t spent decades trapped in the same patter, bouncing between families and loves.

Ridge Jr. is a virtual blank slate, ready to take the family, the show and all of Los Angeles in new directions. He’s here to make a name for himself… possibly by taking over for his dad’s.

So now that Ridge Jr. is here, is Ridge Sr. on his way out?

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