Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Tanner Novlan, Scott Clifton
"The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode 9000
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Before The Bold and the Beautiful pressed PLAY on its 9,000th episode on Tuesday, April 18, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood stopped by The Talk offer up a little preview. “This is a real feel-good episode,” she said, “just a walk down Memory Lane with Steffy.”

The Emmy winner was put on the spot when asked to size up her character’s relationships with former husband Liam and current spouse Finn. “I can’t rate them. I can’t,” she insisted with a laugh. “I’m going and doing three episodes after this!”

Kidding aside, we’re pretty sure that both good-natured Scott Clifton and Tanner Novlan would have been amused by whatever she had to say. And ultimately, Wood did admit that “no offense, Liam, but Steffy kinda wears the pants in the relationship. She has more of that control.”

Not that there wasn’t a lotta love between the exes. Steffy, just like the grandmother after whom she is named, is simply a force to be reckoned with!

On the flipside, there’s Finn, who the actress said “is more passionate and [there’s more] fire there.

“But that could change,” she hastened to add. “It could be a transformative year.”

Ruh-roh. Perhaps the spin of the marry-go-round that was recently teased is about to set in motion the sort of romantic shakeup that leaves even strong unions like Steffy and Finn’s… bust? (More on that here.)

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