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Bold & Beautiful is a lot of things but subtle isn’t one of them. We can all see where things are headed with Hope and Thomas but the big question is what will happen when we get there? Let’s just say the storyline may zig where one would expect it to zag

After Thomas was exiled from Forrester Creations for throwing her mother under the bus with the CPS call, Hope was as scandalized as anyone at the thought of ever working with the guy again. Cue Hope For the Future suddenly having, well, no future, and she began to change her tune.

Despite telling her husband Liam that she would not bring Thomas on as her designer again, she did exactly that. Why? Because she had her career to think about. We totally understood her not wanting her fashion line to get the boot, but at the same time, we recognized that we were watching a turning point, if you will, in her marriage.
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Hope went ahead and convinced Steffy to hire Thomas back on without updating Liam on her plans. It all went down while he was across town confidently explaining to his brother that Hope would never work with the Forrester family’s black sheep ever again. By the time Liam learned he was mistaken, it was all a done deal.

Liam wasn’t happy but remained calm(ish)… until he walked into Forrester Creations’ design office and saw his wife on said black sheep’s lap with his arms around her waist. Of course, it was all a huge misunderstanding, but Liam, nonetheless, went positively ballistic.
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It was about this same time that there was an escalation in other characters remembering that Hope had once said she found Thomas “hot” and grilling her about it. Falling off the riser into her co-worker’s arms also seemed to trigger a more intense attraction as Hope began fantasizing about kissing Thomas immediately afterward.

Determined to shake it off, Hope headed home to romance her hubby and prove to herself that she was not like her mother Brooke (aka, The Slut From the Valley). No, she was a devoted wife and mother who wanted Liam and only Liam. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out as Hope ended up fantasizing about Thomas again — this time while making love to her spouse. Eek.

Furious with herself, Hope stormed up to her mother’s place and unloaded on her. Blasting Brooke for her past and informing the startled woman that she was nothing like her. Nothing gets past Brooke, however, unless the writers want it to. She saw right through her daughter’s outrage and pinpointed the real reason for her tantrum — Hope’s found herself attracted to a bad boy, namely, Thomas.

Brooke grilled Hope about her feelings for the man who formerly obsessed over her and got a pile of denial for her efforts. Undeterred, Brooke tried a little reverse psychology, telling Hope how proud she was of her for being a devoted wife to Liam who would never sully her good name by giving in to temptation.
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Somehow, we don’t think anything Brooke says is going to change the trajectory of this storyline, which is barreling toward Hope acting on her attraction to Thomas.

We can already picture Hope, in spite of herself, eventually trying to seduce Thomas during one of those late-night work sessions. This, of course, will be a dream come true for the designer, so it’s safe to say that a scandalous affair will immediately ensue… right? Perhaps not.

As we mentioned back at the beginning, Bold & Beautiful ain’t subtle and they’ve been laying it on very thick that Thomas has changed. Everyone can see it, feel it, sense it, etc. Even Brooke confessed to Ridge that there was a marked difference in his son — so it has to be true.

Therefore, we don’t need a little birdie to tell us what’s likely going to happen when Hope makes her move on Thomas — he’s going to shut her down and put on the brakes. He’ll do it to save her from herself and to prove that he’s finally, truly changed and become a better man. Or as a strategy, but who are we to rain on anyone’s parade?

Of course, Hope would never imagine in a million years that the man who has obsessed over her for years, who even made out with a doll that looked just like her, would reject her. She’ll be positively gobsmacked, almost certainly humiliated… and will probably become more infatuated with him than she ever dreamed possible.

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