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Motherhood hasn’t been easy for The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Li — at least not since Finn’s wedding to Steffy! Sure, Li got a grandson to dote on, but once Sheila popped up, Finn almost died, Li almost died, even Sheila almost died! And just to add some poisonous icing on the cake, she learned that Finn wasn’t just a random baby she and her husband adopted, but the result of an affair between him and Sheila!

No wonder she just wanted to let Sheila die. And to have Finn jump in and save his psycho bio-mom anyway… Well, maybe Li would have been better off adopting a cute puppy, instead!

Speaking of which, that’s exactly what Naomi Matsuda did! The actress took to Instagram to share a series of photos that are just too adorable for words of her new four-legged family member.

“Everyone meet my new boy, Jax Teller Matsuda,” the actress wrote. “8 weeks old. 8.6 lbs. My heart is overflowing in love and appreciation. Thank you, Jax, for choosing me!!”

Actually, it sounds more like Jax adopted her. Just look at that little face and those adorable eyes!

Jax, who clearly loves his new “mom,” is apparently a rescue dog, a fact which Matsuda shared on her next post where she introduced the pup to “Auntie Kimberly.”

And as Aunt Kimberly mentioned in the comments, she was already in love with the pup. Heck, we haven’t even met him and so are we! Watching this little puppy grow up is going to be a blast. Take note, internet, this is the content we need more of out there: Puppies and the overflowing love that comes with them!

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