B&B Spencer men mashup Wyatt, Bill, Liam
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Life in Los Angeles, if The Bold and the Beautiful is any indication, is full of mysteries. Fortunately, some of them are solved, like why in the world Bill had hitched his wagon to Sheila. Others, like what happened to Flo and whether she and Liam would ever actually marry are still ongoing.

And then there are the truly bizarre mysteries. The ones that can only happen on a show like Bold & Beautiful. The ones like the Case of the Disappearing Restaurant.

It was odd enough that we all took notice. A new restaurant? Will the Bold & Beautiful folks finally get to eat somewhere other than Il Giardino? Maybe they’d be able to get a bit more fish in their diet and a few less breadsticks.

When Scott Clifton and Darin Brooks appeared on Bold Live, supervising producer and host Casey Kasprzyk brought up the disappearing restaurant to the guys.

“I want to know what happened to the seafood restaurant we had you eat at down by the docks,” he noted after a fan asked about the new pizza at Il Giardino. (For the record, neither of the actors had tried the pizza yet… much to their disappointment!)

Bold beautiful Bill Wyatt restaurant

Just look at how much atmosphere this place has!

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But while Brooks’ face instantly lit up at the seafood mention, Clifton was a mess of confusion.

“The two episodes we did on the docks,” Brooks exclaimed, suddenly remembering. He tried helping Clifton along, adding, “The seafood restaurant that Wyatt takes Bill and Liam to!”

“I have no memory of that,” Clifton admitted. OK, so clearly we first have to help him solve the mystery of what in the world everyone was talking about.

“We only did two episodes,” Brooks reminded his TV brother. “Remember we were talking about it because I had done an episode with Don and everything, and then you and I were talking and it correlated with the same day that I was going back to the restaurant. And I was like, ‘I’m not hungry, I already had food with dad earlier.’”

And that seemed to finally be enough to spark a memory in Clifton. “Yeah, was there netting in the background?”

“Yes,” Kasprzyk confirmed, “nautical!”

“Yes,” Clifton exclaimed! “Yes, yes, yes, yes, I remember that.”

OK, so what happened to it, and will we ever be seeing it again? Honestly, just like the chemistry we thought we sensed between Bill and Li, things aren’t looking good for its future.

B&B Bill Li

“Once you’re all cleaned up, I know this great seafood restaurant we can go to. I promise, it’s much nicer from the front!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

“We built this whole seafood restaurant for just these two episodes so that Bill could be there to see Li,” Kasprzyk explained. Bill had to find her after her car “accident” when Sheila thought she’d killed Finn’s rival mom, and where else was Li going to wash up but on the docks?

And really, two episodes makes sense. You can’t just introduce a new restaurant out of nowhere for Bill to find Li. You have to introduce it in one episode and then have the discovery happen during the next trip. It’s far more natural to happen like that.

But the long and the short of it is that the restaurant was, essentially, a plot point, Kasprzyk noted, “So that Bill could end up at the dock and find Li.”

Check out the whole entertaining exchange below.

As for ever seeing the restaurant again, maybe one of the Spencer men got food poisoning and vowed never to go back after their visit. Maybe the memory of finding Li is just too traumatic for Bill to relive. Maybe the place just shut down because they couldn’t find the help.

It’s probably best for folks to make up their own reasons because now that its purpose has been served, it’s doubtful anyone from Bold & Beautiful will end up there again. At least until the next person washes up on shore… Has anyone heard from Nick lately?

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