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Brooke and Taylor’s days as gal pals may be numbered.

We’ve written umpteen times about how delighted we’ve been that Bold & Beautiful finally stopped writing Brooke and Taylor as mere accessories for Ridge and started portraying them as what they are — formidable women smart enough to realize that they don’t need him — or any guy who’s dim enough to let a dang pinecone convince him to swap wives! But the newly minted BFFs may be about to reach a familiar impasse when the week of April 10 drops in Brooke’s lap a major dilemma about her ex.

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“Does this thing get ESPN?”

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… And Now the End Is Near, the Final Curtain

If history is any indicator, Brooke won’t be able to resist the temptation to reunite with her former husband. Yes, despite the fact that he dumped her without telling her why… despite the fact that he ran right to Taylor before even announcing that they were on a break… despite the fact that he vanished for months without letting anyone know that he was staring at FBI monitors in hopes of helping to bust Sheila.

On Tuesday, April 11, Brooke tells Taylor what’s up, and that’s the day that we fear the friends will go back to being enemies. They made a promise to one another. They pinky-swore to keep things platonic with Ridge. If Brooke has broken her vow — and what? Mere days after Ridge’s return? — all hell would break loose.

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Are they being “painted into a corner”?

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The Storm After the Calm

No one could blame Taylor if she lashed out at Brooke. How empty would their understanding have been if she could toss it out the window the moment that Ridge mentioned the word “destiny”? Betrayals don’t get much bigger, do they?

We’ll grant you, it isn’t very Taylor-like to seek revenge. But how much fun would it be to see her team up with Thomas and Steffy to strike back? Taylor’s rich, and so are her kids. Why not entice them to start their own fashion line, one that doesn’t employ the Logan sisters? Thomas, of course, wouldn’t want to leave Hope For the Future. “So we’ll bring it with us,” Mom might suggest. “And Hope, too.”

Steffy would be reluctant to abandon her father. But, Taylor could point out, wouldn’t it be nice to work for a company where you don’t have to see Brooke every day? “And would your walking out on Ridge,” she might add, “be any worse than him walking out on me, on all of us, time after time after time?”

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