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Just what is going on between Thomas and Hope?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for April 10 – 14, Liam may have reason to worry. Read on and watch the preview below.

Liam hasn’t been thrilled by the fact that Thomas is back working with Hope, and he doesn’t trust the Forrester. Last week, as Thomas fit Hope for a gown, she fell off the platform and he fortunately caught her in time. Unfortunately, Liam walked in to find Hope in Thomas’ arms! Naturally, Liam exploded, and Hope felt he didn’t trust her even after she explained what he saw. It was Thomas he didn’t trust, and he tried to convince Hope she shouldn’t trust him too. Liam should be worried about trusting Hope, as she later fantasized about kissing Thomas!

Coming up, Steffy asks Hope, “There is no reason to worry about you and Thomas, right?” Hope assures her that she is married and she is fully committed to Liam. Liam lets Hope know, “Thomas isn’t going to interfere in our marriage.”

This week, Thomas has something to say to Hope, but he’s not the only one. Hope is later asked by her own mother if she has feelings for Thomas, while Liam asks Steffy, “Are you saying I have a reason to be concerned?” Given that for a split second, Hope thought about Thomas while seducing Liam, it appears Liam should be concerned, and Brooke may be right about her daughter.

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Video: Bold & Beautiful/Instagram