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Episode # 8789
U.S.Airdate 06/10/22
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Her attraction to Thomas isn’t just about his rockin’ bod.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful would have to have been blind not to have noticed that Hope… Well, she hasn’t been quite herself lately. It’s one thing for her to work alongside Thomas but quite another for her to be fantasizing about kissing the ex-husband whose touch used to make her skin crawl. Is she just seeing him in a new light since he turned over his latest new leaf? We doubt it. Here’s why.

Thomas kisses Hope on Bold and Beautiful

A sign of things to come?

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Two-for-One Deal

Hope keeps replaying in her head the moment that Brooke marveled at how glad she was that, unlike her, her daughter had never been drawn to bad boys. And historically, that’s been true. Oliver, Wyatt, Liam… all Mr. Nice Guys. Heck, so was Thomas back when they were first involved years ago (when Kim Matula and Adam Gregory were playing the parts).

What Hope’s fixation on that line signifies, when combined with the stress that she’s been under for so long — from Douglas’ custody conflict to the near-ruination of Hope For the Future — is that she is headed for a breakdown. And not just any old breakdown, either — the kind that will leave her personality split in two!


Which Hope is which? Who can say?

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Naughty and Nice

You’ll recall that eons ago, Hope suffered from sexual hang-ups — a cruel irony for the child of “the slut from the Valley,” as Stephanie loved to call Brooke. All these years later, psychological issues that weren’t as resolved as we thought could be resurfacing in a new way, one that splinters Hope’s personality. On one side, we’d have our usual Hope, virtuous and kind and utterly devoted to Liam. On the other, we’d have Hope 2.0, a thrill-seeking vixen who can’t keep her hands off of Thomas any more than she can her eyes.

As the story got underway, Thomas would at first be confused. WTH is Hope doing coming on to him when he’s trying so hard to put his obsession with her behind him? Eventually, he’d realize that Hope was, shall we say, not herself. But faced with the possibility of having what he’s always wanted — her — would he find the strength to do the right thing and let Liam know that his missus has gone around the bend?

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