When he’s not playing Justin Barber on B&B, Aaron D. Spears is busy working on other projects.

His most recent endeavor is a movie called “Disrupt/Dismantle” about an elite division of undercover narcotics cops in Los Angeles, who target a powerful drug cartel.

As for Aaron’s character, he told Soaps.com, “I play seasoned veteran cop, Andre Rhodes. He’s a tough guy who is the senior member of an elite undercover police unit chosen to handle criminal activities where the rules may be broken to get the job done.”

Check out the preview of “Disrupt/Dismantle,” which, according to Aaron, is in the final stages of post production and has been invited to three film festivals beginning in April.

Aside from this film, Aaron’s “The Mannsfield 12” can be seen on BET and will soon be available in stores. He’s also working on other projects that he has yet to announce.

As for when we’ll be seeing more of him on B&B, Aaron previewed, “We, as actors, have no control of the storylines or how they emerge. But, Justin Barber will be in the mix on coming episodes of B&B as storylines adjust and new twists surface…so stay tuned.”

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