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Is something more developing between Thomas and Hope?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for April 3 – 7, Liam loses his cool. Read on and watch the preview below.

Hope, Thomas and Liam have been through the wringer lately. Thomas attempted to sue Hope for full custody of Douglas, but the boy shocked both his parents and told the court he’d rather live with his Aunt Steffy. That lasted for a split second before the boy decided to return to living with Hope and Liam.

Steffy eventually invited Thomas back to work at Forrester Designs and on Hope for the Future. Liam had issues with that, but Hope let him know it was good for Douglas to see his parents getting along again. She also said her line was struggling and needed Thomas’ help, and she believed Thomas had changed.

This week, Thomas insists to Hope, “We’re working together, that’s all.” Hope asks are you sure? The bigger question might be, is Hope sure that’s all this is?

At lunch with his brother, Wyatt tells Liam, “Obviously you’re going to be keeping an eye on Thomas.” That’s a given! The next thing you know, Hope is in Thomas’ lap, and he has his arms around her just as Liam walks in on them.

Fuming, Liam yells, “Get your hands off my wife! I don’t deserve to come in here and see you on the couch together with your hands all over each other. ” He asks Hope, “How much more am I expected to take?”

There has to be a simple explanation for this situation, right?

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