Sheila B&B
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Somehow, she eluded custody… and then things got weird! 

We thought we’d seen it all when Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila took what should have been a fatal tumble off Bill’s two-story balcony only to walk away completely unscathed. But things got downright strange after she hit the road and beat a hasty retreat to Deacon’s.

How strange? Well, so strange that viewers immediately found themselves trying to figure out what they’d just witnessed and what it might mean for the iconic villainess’ future. Let’s break it down, shall we?

After showing up on Deacon’s doorstep, she begged her erstwhile lover to join her in fleeing for greener pastures. He pointed out that his entire life was based in Los Angeles. Surely she didn’t expect him to abandon his restaurant, let alone daughter Hope. But Sheila being Sheila assumed he would do exactly that. She even suggested they could return to town some day down the line, apparently still believing that she’d somehow get everyone to forget her many, many crimes.

Sheila Deacon plead B&B

What Sheila didn’t realize was that Deacon was only stalling for time, giving Bill, Deacon and their FBI pals time to get to the restaurant. Once there, Deputy Chief Baker stepped forward, a gleam in his eye. “I’ve been waiting to say this for years,” he declared. “Sheila Carter, you’re under arrest for murder.” As it happened, Lance Day’s death was his first unsolved homicide.

Of course, Bill and Ridge had a field day, with Bill gleefully saying that once she was behind bars, “No one will remember you, speak your name, and certainly no one will love you!”

Delusional to the end, Sheila insisted that Finn would certainly love her. Ridge then reminded the she-devil that she’d shot both him and Steffy, leaving them for dead in the alley behind the very restaurant in which they were standing. This proved to be the soap’s way of setting up what would happen next.

Ridge Bill B&B

Because somehow, Sheila managed to run away from Bill, Ridge, Deacon, Baker and several other law enforcement agents. That’s right, she evaded them all, heading for the alley where those fateful events had taken place. And that’s when things started to get weird.

Sheila was clearly winded, and appeared to be having some sort of stomach cramps. Her brow coated with sweat, she flashed back to the night of Finn and Steffy’s shooting. With sirens approaching in the distance, Sheila turned to run… only to find Bill standing there. “I thought you loved me,” she said weakly.

“You thought wrong,” he grinned. “It would take one sick, twisted loser to love someone like you. How have you lived your whole life and not figured that out yet?” She would, he mused, have plenty of time to think about it behind bars. The final blow? That ring he’d presented her with was “as fake as the feelings I had for you.”

With a laugh, Sheila said that he wasn’t the only one pretending. “It might be the end of us,” she said, clearly losing strength, yet strong enough to share that wicked smile she’s known for. “But it is not the end of me!”

Bill Sheila behind B&B

She then clutched Bill as she slid to the ground, gasping in pain, struggling for breath and clutching her chest. As Bill watched, emotionless, almost bored by her antics, she fell back, eyes closed…

But was this the last of Sheila? And what really happened in those final moments before the screen faded to black?

Now, the truth can be told: According to Soap Opera DigestSheila had a heart attack and lands in the hospital where her son, Finn, must make a life-or-death decision. Does he help the woman who has brought so much pain and heartache into the lives of so many — including his beloved wife, Steffy — or does he let nature run its course?

Steffy Finn B&B

“He has a real crisis of conscience to face,” says Finn’s portrayer, Tanner Novlan. Although frankly, we suspect many in the audience will be shouting for the good doctor to simply walk away from this particular patient!

Need a reminder of Sheila’s many, many sins — which actually span two soaps? Check out the gallery below!