Sheila mashup B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

This twist will hit the Bold & Beautiful villainess like a sucker punch.

Against all odds, the notorious Sheila Carter will once again manage to evade certain death after falling from the balcony during a tussle with Dollar Bill Spencer. While it may not be at all surprising to longtime viewers of Bold & Beautiful that the woman with nine toes — and apparently nine lives — could get up and dust herself off, what happens next might just give them a jolt. It sure will knock Sheila for a loop.

Believing she had the life of her dreams lined up with Bill, who had offered marriage with no prenup, the only downside for Sheila was having to give up her lover, Deacon Sharpe. But even Deacon could see it was a deal she’d be a fool not to strike.

It’s been a strange ride for Deacon and Sheila. She showed up in disguise, seduced him while he was drunk, and he inexplicably decided to let her stay despite knowing she’d shot Steffy and Finn and had faked her death by bear mauling. Deacon routinely decided that Sheila had to go but she just wouldn’t let him quit her. Eventually, Steffy saw her in disguise after Finn and the authorities realized she was alive and the fairytale, as it were, came to an end…ish.

Sheila wound up with Bill after they were swept away by one another during an encounter on the beach and Bold & Beautiful became The World of Upside-Down until we learned that Spencer wasn’t in love with Sheila at all, but was part of an FBI sting operation to bring her down for good.

As with all good plans on soap operas, this one went awry. Not totally, as Bill managed to glean a confession of murder from his houseguest and it was all caught on tape, but unfortunately, Sheila realized what was going on before the authorities could arrive to arrest her. With the jig up, Bill delighted in informing the blindsided Sheila just how disgusted he was to have had her in his bed and his home, which led to a tussle when she tried to make a break for it. Over the balcony went Sheila.

We know, thanks to Bold & Beautiful spoilers, that Sheila rebounded from the fall, and there was only one place she could go — straight to Deacon, the man who cares about her. Sure enough, the teasers indicate Sheila will blindside Deacon with a crazy scheme.

So, Deacon will be caught utterly unaware by Sheila barreling in, once again in dire straits and looking for help. But he’s obviously going to come to the rescue of the woman he loves, right?

Maybe not.

Deacon was a con artist, and maybe not a good one, but he has enough brains in his head to know that if Bill, Ridge, and the FBI had Sheila under surveillance, there’s a chance they know about their connection. With the authorities hot on her heels, where’s the first place they’ll look? That’s right, Deacon’s apartment and Il Giardino.

That means Deacon will have a split second, really, to decide whether to risk it all and help Sheila again. Teasers revealed that a bold act of deception will pave the way for justice coming up. What else could this mean but that Deacon will finally grow a spine, see the light or the writing on the wall, and turn Sheila in?

Considering we have also had a sneak peek at scenes with Deacon and Hope discussing the aftermath, it’s a good bet that’s exactly what happens, and that this is why his daughter believes he was part of the sting.

Will Bill and Ridge keep the truth about Deacon under wraps for Hope’s sake? Will Sheila stay in prison this time? We hope so because this betrayal is going to hit her like a sucker punch… she’s going to be both hurt and furious, and that spells certain doom for Deacon.

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