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Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

As word spreads on The Bold and the Beautiful that Bill hasn’t lost his marbles but has been setting up Sheila all these months, he is poised for a new beginning. Nothing can ever wipe the slate entirely clean for the cad who slept with his son’s wife and had a sex den built adjacent to his office for trysts with his sister-in-law. But everyone will have to see him through at least a slightly different lens. Yes, he’s bad… but he isn’t all bad. You can well imagine the story that could spring from that “revelation.”

A Hard Choice for Katie

When the dust settles following Operation Get Sheila, Bill’s former wife Katie finds herself torn. On one hand, she is content with Carter. He’s a good man, solid and trustworthy and unlikely to ever lock her in a tower the way that Bill once did. On the other, her ex has proven the lengths to which he will go to protect his loved ones. He’s shown that he can put himself second and others first.

Combine that with the fact that, hey, life with Bill was never dull, and Katie is left with a heckuva dilemma: Does she stay the course with Carter or roll the dice one (!) more (!) time (!) with Will’s father? She even admitted to Bill during Sheila-gate that if he’d just dump the psycho, she’d consider reuniting with him. Part of the reason Katie said it was to entice him away from the madwoman. But another part… Let’s be real. It was because she still wants to be with him.

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“Is it the goatee? What does he have that I don’t?”

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But There’s a Twist

While Katie tries to convince herself that she’s happy enough with Carter, Bill does a victory lap all over L.A., savoring the shocked reactions to his and Ridge’s unbelievable team-up. Brooke in particular thought she’d never see the day that her former husbands buried the hatchet. Then again, if she and Taylor can become friends, why not Bill and Ridge?

Speaking of Taylor, she pays Bill a visit to thank him for his Herculean efforts to protect Steffy and their family from Sheila. He acknowledges that he hasn’t always behaved honorably where Steffy is concerned. “Well, I know a thing or two about doing things that I wish I hadn’t, too,” Taylor says.

“I understand why you did what you did,” Bill replies, addressing the elephant in the room that is his shooting. “I mean, I wouldn’t do it again if I were you, but… ”

“I don’t plan to,” Taylor laughs.

“But I get it,” Bill says. “I’ve said it to Steffy, and I’ll say it to you, too: I’m sorry. I regret my actions. I can never take them back, undo them, but I can try to do better.”

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“What? You didn’t know I could belly-dance?”

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A Date With Destiny

Bill and Taylor chuckle about the possibility that, after all that they’ve been through — all that they’ve put each other through — they could become friends. “Now you’re talking as crazy as Sheila,” Taylor jokes. “You and me? Come on!”

“Hey, even after you shot me, I hated Ridge a lot more than you,” Bill notes. “And look at us now. We’re practically bros.

“He sends me memes,” he adds, showing Taylor his cellphone. “Much more into cat videos than I would’ve expected.”

Caught off guard by this kinder, gentler, funnier Bill, Taylor decides to take what amounts to a dare and have dinner with him. In fact, she’ll cook — Moroccan. “You’d be surprised the things Princess Layla learned over there,” she cracks.

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“Well, this is awkward.”

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A Decision Made?

By the end of the evening, having cooked together and talked together and laughed together, Bill and Taylor are stunned. “I feel like I’ve just spent the night with someone I’ve known forever… and only am just meeting for the first time,” he says.

“Is this a good-twin scenario?” Taylor asks. “Or has this Bill been in there all these years, and you just wouldn’t let him come out to play?”

“Maybe,” Bill says, “this Bill just hadn’t found the right play… mate.”

When the new pals say goodbye at the door, the moment is… awkward. Taylor breaks the tension by extending her hand for a shake. Bill takes it but uses it to pull her in for a hug. Neither of them lets go. “What… What is happening here?” she whispers.

“I don’t know,” Bill replies. “But I’m not mad at it.”

“This is nuts,” Taylor says.

“Agreed,” he says.

She shakes her head in disbelief and smiles. “And we’re going to let it happen, anyway, aren’t we?”

“I don’t see how we could possibly stop it,” he grins back at her. With that, they kiss, extending their evening into the morning after.

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“You want what’s best for your friend, don’t you, Brooke?”

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A Quadrangle for the Ages

By the time Katie decides to ascertain whether maybe Bill still wants her back, she may find that she’s too late, that he’s stumbled upon an alternative that signifies a truly fresh start. But can he really put behind him his feelings for Katie to focus on his burgeoning romance with Taylor? Will Carter step up his game so as not to lose another love?

Any way you slice it, somebody is going to get hurt — devastated, even. And us? We’d be tuning in like mad, letting our own hearts break along with… Bill’s? Taylor’s? Katie’s? Carter’s? We’d be dying to find out!

Review Bill’s long history of tumultuous love affairs in the gallery below.