Kimberlin Brown and Adam Huss
Bold and Beautiful set
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Episode #3846
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A casualty of a 20-year-old storyline turned out to be key to the villainess’ downfall.

When The Bold and the Beautiful had Sheila confess to murdering Lance Day, more than a few viewers had to be asking themselves, “Lance who?” Allow us to jog your memory.

Back in 2022, Sheila was attempting to help daughter Mary (then going by Erica) land Rick Forrester. To get Mary in Rick’s bed, Sheila first had to get his wife Amber out of it. To accomplish that goal, she paid cash-strapped rando Lance to drug Amber and slide between the sheets with her. 

Kimberlin Brown and Adam HussBold and Beautiful set CBS Television City 6/17/02 © Jesse Grant/JPI 310-657-9661 Episode #3844

“Oh, honey… ”

Credit: Jesse Grant/JPI

Lance made two fatal mistakes: First, he got mixed up with Sheila — that’s never a good idea. And second, he threatened to tell Amber about the payoff. Rather than see her plot go up in smoke, Sheila took advantage of Lance’s bee allergy by trapping him in his apartment, piping in a swarm of the insects and allowing him to be stung to death!

‘Dead Man’ Talking

“I had so much fun with that,” Adam Huss, who played Lance, recalled for Soap Opera Digest, “because it was ridiculous in the best way. The storyline was so crazy, and Kimberlin Brown was so wonderful… a blast to work with. You had to embrace the camp in [the twist].

“I think my first line was, ‘There’s a bees’ nest out there, dude! I’m allergic to bees!’” he added. “Kimberlin was hiding in the closet [as Sheila] listening.”

Adrienne Frantz and Kimberlin BrownBold and Beautiful set CBS Television City 9/9/02 ©Aaron Montgomery/JPI 310-657-9661 Episode# 3898

When Plan A didn’t get Amber out of the picture, Sheila reverted to form.

Credit: Jesse Grant/JPI

Since his short run on Bold & Beautiful, Huss has won accolades for pinch-hitting at General Hospital to finish out Marcus Coloma’s storyline as Nikolas. Things didn’t end too well for that character, either; he was bludgeoned by his former wife while trying to kidnap her daughter.

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