Krista Allen B&B
Credit: Getty Images

The Bold & Beautiful star hasn’t been replying to messages and wanted to explain why.

When the lovely Krista Allen (Taylor) isn’t acting like herself (at least on social media), her Bold & Beautiful followers not only notice but also grow concerned. In this case, the worry turned out to be warranted.

After joining the Bold & Beautiful as a recast Taylor Hayes in 2021, Allen and her ready wit became an instant hit with fans both onscreen and off. Though not everyone (including Allen) was a fan of that wig, the soap vet’s posts on Twitter quickly garnered her a legion of admirers — especially when she poked fun at her alter-ego’s dreadful hairpiece.

But Allen isn’t just funny online, she’s honest and regularly interacts with her followers on Twitter, which has endeared her to them all the more.

So, it’s not surprising that her absence would be noticed and her witty banter missed. Realizing this, Allen returned to social media to check in with her followers and to let them know what was going on with her given she hadn’t tweeted since mid-March and hadn’t been responding on social for much longer than that.

The star began, “Just wanted to say hi! I miss y’all and haven’t checked my tweets in many weeks.” She promised, “I will soon.”

She then revealed the reason behind her absence, “Had a personal tragedy and been dealing with that. Trying to get back to normal now.”

Even in the face of such a heartbreaking admission, Allen managed a quip and qualified her statement with, “Well, ‘normal’ for me. (Never actually normal! 😂).”

We’re going to take her ability to crack a joke as a hopeful sign that she’s doing okay.

Finally, the star signed off with a message to her fans and followers: “Love you and sending belly laughs and smiles.”

SOAPS staff send Allen love, strength, and positive vibes as she continues to deal with this difficult situation.

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