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Is it really game over for Sheila?

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for March 27 – 31, Sheila loses control. Read on and watch the preview below.

Last week, Bill and Ridge spied on Sheila through the FBI surveillance cameras and learned Sheila was cavorting with Deacon behind Bill’s back. Bill had already been planting seeds of doubt in Sheila’s head that he was onto her, and Ridge urged him to keep pushing her until she cracked and confessed to 1st-degree murder on camera. Ridge admitted to Bill he thought he was nuts when Bill came up with this scheme, but Bill felt it was the only way to keep Sheila behind bars for life. He also made sure Taylor would never do time for shooting him.

Deacon meanwhile was also feeling the heat and tried to break things off with his psychotic lover, especially now that his daughter Hope is proud of him for making a new man of himself with his restaurant. However, Deacon found it more difficult to pull away from Sheila than he thought. Later, Bill stunned Sheila with a proposal, part of his plan to reel her in and prove he was 100 percent committed to her. A panicked Sheila said she needed time to think it over and went to see Deacon. Deacon pushed her to do what would make her happy, but Sheila wasn’t so sure and later confronted Bill, asking if he was playing her for a fool.

Coming up, Bill tells Sheila that he couldn’t let her get away. As they talk, Ridge and the FBI agent watch Bill and Sheila on the surveillance monitors. Later, Deacon tells Sheila if she keeps running, eventually, something really bad will happen. Will that convince Sheila to accept Bill’s proposal, and spill all?

Eventually, it’s time to end the charade, and Bill informs Sheila her reign of terror is over. Sheila loses it and rushes to attack Bill. He dodges her, and she heads out the window and over the balcony, falling as Bill watches, while Ridge and the agent witness it all on the monitor.

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