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Something very, very bad may result from the tycoon’s attempt to do something good.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful breathed a sigh of relief when it was revealed that Bill hadn’t lost his marbles and fallen for Sheila — but maybe they shouldn’t have. Whether he and Ridge succeed in getting the madwoman sent away for life, there may still be hell to pay — and in a way that no one anticipates!

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“What could possibly go wrong?”

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Opening Pandora’s Box

To hunker down with Sheila, Bill has had to go to some dark, dark places in his mind and in his soul, traveling back down a path from which he wisely veered. The Bill of today is not the same man who’d sleep with his sister-in-law or throw a rival out of a helicopter. Or is he?

In trying to get his “girlfriend” to incriminate herself, Bill admitted that “I had to reach for things in my life that I put away a long time ago.” Mm-hmm. But in reflecting on his past wickedness, he runs the risk of making it not just a part of his history but a part of his future.

“My couch is available if there’s some baggage you need to unpack.”

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Danger, Will Robinson!

Suppose when all is said and done, Bill realizes that he misses the rush that he felt when he was a take-no-prisoners power monger. Suppose he misses doing what he wants, when he wants, and to hell with what anyone else thinks. Suppose he misses being the scariest guy in L.A.

If he does, Ridge, Taylor, Steffy & Co. could wind up with a problem that’s just as big as Sheila… although at least a little less homicidal! What do you think? Could we be about to get Bad Bill back? On your way to the comments…

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