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The week of March 20 promises to be one that the villainess won’t soon forget — although she’s eventually going to wish she could!

Do you hear that tick, tick, ticking? That, Bold & Beautiful fans, is the sound of time running out for Sheila!

In the preview that the soap dropped for the week of March 20, Los Angeles’ public enemy No. 1 is all “Ohmergerd! Ohmergerd!” over the possibility that her sugar Daddy Warbucks Bill might be on to her affair with Deacon. But what should really be giving her nerves a good jangling is the chance that he’s been playing her all along. We know, but she doesn’t — yet — that loverboy is secretly in cahoots with sworn enemy Ridge and the feds to send the merry murderess up the river without a paddle.

Ideally, without a canoe, either.

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“They could have at least asked me to be a part of this!”

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… and Now, the End Is Near

As you’ll see in the clip below, the unlikely allies are all but salivating at the prospect of finally lowering the boom on the madwoman who once “killed” Taylor, Finn and Li, shot Steffy and countless others, and spent years on The Young and the Restless making Lauren Fenmore’s life more upsetting than a bottle of wine that’s turned into vinegar.

“We’re gonna have her,” Ridge tells his foe-turned-frenemy, “right where we want her.”

Will they, though? Sheila has cheated death and escaped prison more times than we can count (and we can count pretty high). So why would they — or we — think that this go-round would be any different? What do they know that we don’t?

An Indecent Proposal

Perhaps Bill and Ridge are counting on the momentous step that the tycoon takes with his supposed true love to get her to incriminate herself. Spoilers for the week ahead reveal that on Wednesday, March 22, he does something majorly major — something that the following day has Sheila telling Deacon about her significant other’s proposal.

As the week ends, Sheila and her man on the side are all but making a flow chart of the pros and cons of her hitching herself to Bill — as if she hasn’t already done that. Can there be any doubt that we are headed for a Bill/Sheila wedding at which she’ll finally be served her just desserts?

While you contemplate the possibility, review the gnarled branches of Sheila’s family tree in the photo gallery below. Wonder if any of her estranged relatives — and there are so many! — will show up to watch her get taken down!