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Sheila could spill everything for the cameras.

In the latest The Bold and the Beautiful preview for March 20 – 24, Bill and Ridge believe they have Sheila right where they want her. Read on and watch the preview below.

This week, Wyatt, Steffy, Katie and others continued to worry about Bill’s involvement with Sheila, which they didn’t understand. Well, all was revealed on Wednesday as Bill has been working with Ridge to bring Sheila down for good!

On that very same day, Bill was trying to convince Sheila there was nothing she could do or say to him that would make him not love her, and even recounted pushing Bill out of a helicopter once, and has even killed people. Clearly, Bill’s was trying to get her to confess.

Coming up, Sheila paces nervously as Wyatt is heard saying, “No one can trust Sheila Carter!” Steffy’s voice says, “She’s evil, pure evil!”

The shot switches to a surveillance system of Bill’s place, where Sheila paces while on the phone, apparently with Deacon, as she says, “Bill can never be onto us!” Bill looks up from the footage which he’s watching live with Ridge.

As Sheila wonders if Bill suspects something, Bill and Ridge are in a room watching Sheila begin to lose it. Bill says, “We’re on to you already.” Ridge says they have Sheila exactly where they want her, and this could get really interesting really fast.

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Video: Bold & Beautiful/Instagram