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Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Debbie Durkin's pre-Emmys ECOLUXE Lounge

“I have to be honest, painfully honest…”

Bullying has been and continues to be an ongoing problem in the world and The Bold and the Beautiful’s Sean Kanan (Deacon) wants those who are being bullied, or have a child or know someone who is, to understand that they are not alone. The CBS soap vet posted a photo on social media of his younger self with a message on how to defend against it.

“Yup. That was me,” Kanan stated while sharing a pic of himself wearing glasses and smiling for the camera. However, he went on to admit, “I was an overweight and insecure kid who spent much of my time devising ways to avoid getting bullied.”

He then noted the devastating fact that suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among adolescents and advised that if you or your child is being bullied to order his books Way of the Cobra and Welcome to the Kumite.

“I realized if I’m going to elevate myself to the position of being a teacher, and if I’m going to try and have a relationship with my reader based on authenticity and connection, and they don’t know me, other than from, you know, maybe my work as an actor, I have to be honest, painfully honest with them,” Kanan told during an interview. In fact, by him demonstrating that he’s willing to expose his own vulnerability is an overture towards creating trust. “If they’re going to give me their trust, to allow me to be in a position to be their teacher… this just seemed like the best and most honest way to do it.”

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The actor closed out his social post by stating “three of the greatest qualities necessary to defend against bullying and become a successful adult,” which are “self confidence, self discipline and self awareness,” then vowed, “I can help,” and urged, “You must take action.”

We commend the daytime star for taking a stand and for fighting to help others who are going through what he endured and we hope, with his help, that there will be less people out there facing such emotional trauma.

Now that Kanan’s given us a candid look into his past, join us as we celebrate all that he has overcome, and accomplished in daytime, by looking through the gallery below filled with photos of Deacon’s life on Bold & Beautiful.