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We can’t wait to find out the answer to this one!

The March 15 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful made a lot of things clear — from where the hell has Ridge been all this time (working with the FBI) to what is Bill doing schtupping Sheila (playing her). But it also left us asking a new question: When did Ridge become Grizzly Adams? Also, how? Why?

Hair Ye, Hair Ye

Brooke and Taylor’s favorite ex has been keeping an eye on Los Angeles’ public enemy No. 1. Fine. But… would the feds not let him get a trim and a shave while in cahoots? It wasn’t like he was playing dead, so he could’ve run out to Supercuts, right? Or whatever the equivalent of Supercuts is for filthy-rich playboys.

Is part of Ridge and Bill’s plan for the dressmaker to sneak around unnoticed because of his new look? ’Cause um, that probably isn’t gonna work. Even Superman and Wonder Woman knew that they had to put on a pair of glasses to make a disguise impenetrable.

“We’re in turmoil, too. But we made it to the salon!”

A Hidden Meaning

Maybe the point of Ridge’s scruffy new look is to signify his inner turmoil over having lost both of his most frequent wives. We’ve seen this sort of thing happen before. When a character is down in the dumps, they stop brushing their hair. They grow a face full of stubble. They don’t bother passing by the wardrobe department to get their designer sulkwear pressed.

Whatever the reason for Ridge’s makeover, we can’t wait to hear it. Until we do, we’ll entertain ourselves — join us, won’t you — by perusing our newly updated photo gallery of soap stars’ extreme makeovers.

Video: YouTube/CBS