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Holy cliffhanger, Batman!

Dunno about you, but our jaws still hurt from hitting the ground after watching the March 15 episode of Bold & Beautiful. In it, we learned that archenemies Bill and Ridge are — dun-Dun-DUNNN! — working together. (Read the recap here.) What the what?

The Mother of All Plot Twists

Throughout the half hour, Bill had been encouraging murderous lovergirl Sheila to unburden herself to him. He swore that she could trust him and let loose a few confessions of his own. But it would appear that she got lucky when their conversation was interrupted before she could incriminate herself, because at the tail end of the episode, it was revealed that Bill was working with Ridge and, it appeared, the authorities. Their goal? Could it be any more obvious? To bring down Sheila.

Ridge B&B

All this and a new hairdo, too?

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Questions… We’ve Got Questions

Needless to say, fans reacted in a big way to the twist. Not only were they relieved to discover that Bill hadn’t completely lost his marbles and fallen for the madwoman whose rap sheet is longer than a catwalk, but they had questions. Very logical questions.

“OK,” wrote one, “so the show is telling us Bill has been working with the FBI and Ridge to get Sheila behind bars — by keeping her from going to jail? I mean, she was already there. What’s the point?”

Very true. Sheila had already been busted. She was being sent to prison for accidentally shooting Finn and deliberately trying to kill Steffy. That would have kept the psycho pressing license plates for so long, the next time she went free to wreak havoc, she’d be doing so with a walker.

A New Mystery

Instead of let the court throw the book at Sheila, Bill moved heaven and earth to get her sprung. Then he began — ack — sleeping with her. And he allowed his relationships with his sons, Katie, everyone in his life to disintegrate before his eyes. Why?

On top of that, if Bill and Ridge are in cahoots, it means that the dressmaker has been part of a scheme that found his own daughter being blackmailed into remaining mum about her shooting. He risked ex-wife Taylor being prosecuted for her assault on Bill if she went rogue and confessed. He subjected his whole family to untold trauma, and for what? To put Sheila exactly where she was — behind bars.

“Yup, that is so Ridge.”

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These are mysteries that Bold & Beautiful will now have to solve for us. Because Bill and Ridge putting aside their differences to work toward a common goal… that, we can see. (If we squint.) But the reason that Bill had to go so far as to knock boots with Sheila? The reason that Ridge willingly put his loved ones through this ordeal? That, we cannot.

Remind yourself of all the reasons Sheila deserves to rot in prison in the below photo gallery.