A short lived bright spot. (Soaps.com)

B&B Breakdown for the Week of January 25.

Even though we continued to get a lot of the same conversation we’ve been hearing for the last three weeks or so about Steffy, the Logans, etc., we also got a few other new things this week as well.

To begin with, I am so happy Ridge and Taylor’s kiss was all in her head and that they don’t seem to be going down that road again. At least for now anyway. I loved that she told him not to call her Doc anymore, and that even Stephanie seemed to accept Brooke in Ridge’s life. Those were good signs that they are moving forward, which means Taylor can move forward with Whip. His designing her a dress was lovely, as was the sentiment behind it that it represented her and how he saw her. I just wish they would have given them an episode to follow it up with. Maybe another date, just lunch, or her going to him to vent about what’s going on with Steffy. Hopefully that will come.

As for Ridge, he and Brooke had a delicate conversation while the door was left open, so Hope could inconveniently hear them say she was a mistake that Brooke was ashamed of. Okay, those weren’t their exact words, but that’s how Hope took it. I don’t blame her really, as Ridge was far too over the top in assuming the press would call her a ‘stain’ on the family name. That was an ugly and extremely descriptive way to put it. I understood what Brooke was saying though, as she should have felt ashamed being pregnant with her son-in-law’s baby, and Hope just misunderstood, but Ridge was a bit too dramatic. I was happy, however, that Ridge finally verbalized that he loved Hope as if she was his own, even if hearing him referred to as Dad by Hope is still a bit awkward.

I’m a little surprised Hope didn’t know Deacon and Bridget were once married. She apparently knows Deacon is her father, but wouldn’t at some point the fact that Bridget was once married to him come up? I guess not, considering the sisters haven’t interacted at all since Hope has been aged and I can’t remember the last time Bridget and Brooke had a conversation either, but that’s B&B for ya. I really would like to see Bridget and Hope sit down at some point and bond as sisters, or at least discuss Deacon. I really think it’s a necessary scene.