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Breaking them up could turn out to be child’s play… one child in particular.

There’s going to be a lotta huffing and puffing in the days ahead on The Bold and the Beautiful as Liam is sure to react to the news that Thomas is back at Hope For the Future in much the same way that we do to the revelation that we’ve emptied a(nother) bottle of wine. Shock. Dismay. Anger. Incredulity.

But Hope’s husband may have a far bigger worry than the ne’er-do-well’s proximity to the woman he once tried to coerce into having sex, Liam just doesn’t realize it yet. With Douglas returning to the cabin and excited that his mom and dad have buried the hatchet, he’s perfectly poised to follow in Steffy, Thomas and Will’s footsteps and try to reunite his parents by any means necessary.

Liam Douglas request B&B

“Ya know, Douglas, not all family traditions have to be kept up.”

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Deserved or Not, a New Beginning

Never mind that Thomas and Hope were never really a couple; at best, back in the Adam Gregory days, they were a couple-ette. But in Douglas’ mind, they could be turned into star-crossed sweethearts. So picture this…

Thomas, actually eager to remain out of the doghouse, behaves himself for a change. He sketches pretty outfits. He doesn’t perv on Hope. He resists the urge to push his own Mommy toward his Daddy. Douglas, at the same time, points out to Hope how much happier his pop has been — has she noticed? She has, in fact. It feels like he’s turned a(nother) corner.

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Rena Sofer

“I can throw on this outfit anytime you want, Hope. Just sayin’.”

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When Opportunity Knocks…

Liam, of course, will be unable to see this. Not without good reason, he has remanded Thomas to the role of spoiler. So, while Liam is already steamed about the troublemaker working with Hope again in the first place, he’ll also get ticked at the way that she seems to be falling for the “I’ve changed!” schtick that he’s sure is just an act. This, in turn, will widen the gap between the previously (sorta) happy marrieds.

If Liam starts avoiding his issues with Hope, maybe by working late or hanging out with Wyatt and never once asking, “Hey, did you ever dump that Flo chick?” — even the stars have wondered — Douglas could seize the opportunity to play matchmaker. Perhaps not in as overt and aggressive a manner as Steffy and Thomas, though; more slyly, like Will did when he attempted to re-pair Bill and Katie.

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“Time for this third wheel to roll on outta here… ”

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Too Close for Comfort

As Hope starts to relax with Thomas and get the sense that she no longer has to second-guess his every move, she naturally notices once more that he’s rather easy on the eyes. And if it’s more comfortable spending time with him than her own husband, stuff, let’s say, could happen.

What do you think? Could Douglas pull a Steffy and Thomas and try to couple up his folks? On your way to the comments, review Hope and Liam’s tumultuous love story in the below photo gallery.