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We’ve waited a looong time for this moment.

In just this, her latest return to The Bold and the Beautiful, Sheila has sunk not one but two marriages (both Brooke and Ridge’s, and Jack and Li’s). She’s made secret son Finn wish that he was an orphan. She’s accidentally shot Finn and deliberately shot his wife — in cold blood, we might add. She’s tricked Brooke into falling off the wagon and strong-armed her way into Deacon’s life. She’s made people think that bear attacks are way more common than they are. And to top it all off, the psycho has informed us all that sleeping with Bill is tantamount to sleeping, period.

But on Wednesday, March 15 — right before the soap takes the rest of the week off so some basketball players can go do sports — it appears that the jig is up. It takes a lot to scare Sheila; usually, she’s the bogeywoman that leaves others shaking in their boots. However, on that day, she worries, perhaps with good reason, that her loverboy has discovered that she’s been getting her kicks with his longtime nemesis, Deacon.


Time to Pay the Piper

Though it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for career criminals like Sheila and Deacon to be afraid of Bill — he talks a good game, but c’mon, he’s just a blustering businessman — the illicit couple has goosebumps galore. (Our thoughts on that here.) Sheila has reason to be chilled, but Bill isn’t necessarily it. When he finds out that she’s been cheating on him, he’ll huff and puff, but we don’t see him going so far as to put a fatal end to their affair. If he was a killer, he’d have offed Ridge ages ago!

The thing is, Bill isn’t the only person who might want to see Sheila’s name on a tombstone. Far from it, in fact. Everyone from Steffy to Brooke has an axe to grind with the Freddy Krueger of daytime. And the villainess’ list of enemies isn’t just contained to The Bold and the Beautiful.

A Blast From the Past

In her years on The Young and the Restless, Sheila made enemies like it was her mission in life. In particular, she tormented Lauren with a mercilessness that was the stuff of nightmares. So why ex-lover Eric has never informed her that Sheila is alive again is beyond us — think what it says about him! If it ever does occur to him to have Donna put down the honey long enough to warn Lauren, we could be in for one “killer” crossover.

There are “so many people for a whodunit, right?” Kimberlin Brown tells Soaps.com. “That’s always a possibility. When you think about all of the people that have tried to make sure Sheila wasn’t happy and all of the people who say that Sheila has done them wrong,” it boggles the mind! Heck, many of them are in her own family. (Refresh your memory of those forgotten characters here.)

Sheila think hospital B&B

Wondering where it all went wrong…

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A Pandora’s Box Waiting to Be Opened

Of course, were Sheila to finally be served her just desserts, she wouldn’t necessarily be the only one forced to pay the piper. Her reign of terror has stretched far and wide, alienating one character after another along the way. “But it’s equally true that many of those same people have secrets of their own that could come to light during any kind of an investigation,” Brown notes. “At the end of the day, it would be fascinating.”

Agreed. The question is, who would be crazy enough to try to stop the menace to society permanently? Drop your guess in the comments after reviewing the suspects in a “Who killed Sheila?” murder mystery in the photo gallery below.