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It’s coming… and it may be the final straw for Brooke’s daughter.

The losses have been piling up for Bold & Beautiful’s Hope Logan, but her husband Liam has been there to support her and encourage her to think positively. As if having Douglas choose to live with his Aunt Steffy wasn’t bad enough, she’s facing the prospect of her line being cut at Forrester… and now, there’s another devastating revelation coming down the pike.

Hope was confident that Douglas would choose to live in the cabin with her, Liam, and Beth when they went into court on that fateful day, so she was rocked to her core when he instead asked to move in with Steffy and Finn. Hope took the disappointment on the chin, and didn’t let the boy see how heartbroken she actually was, but in private it was another case.

Liam has been the supportive husband to a tee, assuring her left, right, and center that Douglas will soon tire of his adventures in the cliff house and ask to come home to the cabin abode. Unfortunately for Hope, it hasn’t happened yet.

As Brooke’s daughter continued to struggle with her pain, another potentially devastating loss reared its ugly head when Steffy informed her that her beloved Hope For the Future line was underperforming to the point that it was becoming a drag on Forrester Creations’ bottom line.

That news left her facing a decision that could cause a rift in her marriage. After asking Thomas to apologize to her mother for pinning the CPS call on her, Thomas followed through. Brooke then left the choice up to Hope as to whether or not to give Thomas yet another chance, which means she would have to resume working with him as the head designer on her line. It’s left her in a lose/lose situation of sorts — if she says, “yes”, she has to work with a man she no longer trusts and it will almost certainly create tension in her marriage as Liam will be dead set against it — and if she says, “no”, the fashion line important to so many will be cut.

One positive in all of this is that Hope not only has had Liam and her mother to lean on in these difficult times but also her dad. Deacon has turned his life around, cleaned up his act, and has even become the proprietor of the popular Il Giardino restaurant. But what if, on top of everything else she’s dealing with, Hope’s newfound bond with Deacon was ripped from her too?!? And what if it is her loving husband Liam who tears them apart?!?
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As Bold & Beautiful has heavily hinted, Liam will be the one to catch Sheila betraying Bill, which means discovering her dalliance with Deacon. That will leave the hapless Spencer heir in the position of having to throw Hope’s father to the wolves — and thereby break his wife’s heart — in order to save his own and, more importantly, see to it that Sheila Carter is put back behind bars where she belongs.

Let’s put the pieces together. The daytime drama has made no bones about the fact that the one thing Bill could never forgive from Sheila is betrayal. It’s also been established that Bill doesn’t love Sheila, so he’ll have no qualms about sending her back to prison. Liam was front and center for these reveals, so we know he’s going to be a key player. We also know Sheila has been cheating on Bill with Deacon and is likely to again, despite her warning they can no longer see each other, as the pull is just too strong.

Liam “bonded” with Deacon in an episode last week as the two worried together about Hope, which had to have been for a reason. Will Liam head over to Il Giardino for a vent sesh with Deacon about Hope being asked to work with Thomas again and be left reeling when he spies Deacon with the notorious Sheila Carter? Or perhaps it will happen at the grand opening? Either way, talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place! Liam will have to sacrifice Hope’s father (and her relationship with him, thus breaking her heart) in order to save his own dad from the madness into which he’s spiraled.
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Hope has been quite vocal about wondering “what kind of person” could possibly have feelings for the repulsive criminal living amongst them, so there’s no doubt as to how she’d react to the revelation that her father, who claims to be reformed, harbored the fugitive Sheila when they were all searching for her. And to learn that he has, in fact, been sleeping with her while they’ve all agonized about how to get rid of her and the threat she poses?! Hope will disown him… but it will devastate her.

With her precious relationship with her father lost to her again on top of everything else, and not feeling she can even turn to her husband Liam (because one generally shoots the messenger on soaps), what will become of Hope?!

Do you think Liam will be the one to expose Deacon and Sheila’s affair? What do you think will happen to Hope if she loses so much in such a short time? Let us know in the comment section below.

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