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Clearly, everyone wants to know what the heck’s wrong with Bill!

When it comes to soaps, the entire genre is designed to do one thing: keep us coming back for more. We want — no, need — to know what’s going to happen next. It’s why we continue to tune in, day after day, week after week.

It’s also why most of us love spoilers. Oh, sure, there are those amongst us who actually avoid teasers in order to let the story catch them by surprise. But the rest of us are constantly searching out intel which might clue us in to what’s coming up. This is especially true when we’re downright baffled by what’s unfolding on the screen, as has been the case ever since Bold & Beautiful‘s Bill and Sheila started shacking up.

Now, imagine living with one of the few people on the planet who actually knows the answer… and refuses to spill the beans! That’s the premise of the hysterical video recently shared by Don Diamont in which wife Cindy Ambuehl tries prying from her spouse a plot twist or two.

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“I can’t talk about it,” Diamont insists, “confidentiality memo!” And when she seems finally to get her hands on a script, he rips them from her hands while asking, “Have you no shame? Just keep watching, fangirl!”

Check out the entire vid below — including a glimpse of an adorably curious puppy and Ambuehl’s hysterical mocking of her hubby’s parting words.


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Clearly, there’s a whole lot of happiness and fun radiating from the couple’s home these days. After all, son Lauren just proposed to his girlfriend, Nicole. And it was only last summer that Lauren’s brother, Zander, walked down the aisle. Now, if only Cindy could get her hubby to reveal Bill’s secret… and share it on Instagram with the rest of us. We won’t spill… promise!

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